A Year

Things that were supposed to happen:

  • We’d be done with our travels at the one year point.
  • We would be settling into our new house, in a location we had painstakingly chosen, by Summer 2018.
  • Davista would be up for sale by Fall 2018.
  • We would blog nightly, astutely capturing what living on the road with a family looks and feels like.

These things have not happened.

The first three have been pushed back by various periods of time, the last we adjusted our expectations about in an effort to nudge them toward reality.  The first three for what we fervently hope are excellent reasons which will become apparent (?) as we continue to blog, the last due to a combination of poor prioritization, the fact that we’re just playing at this writing thing, and no small measure of laziness.

In lieu of a radical condensation of the past few months, I offer the map of our one-year progress.  Overnights in red, significant stops in purple.  When our blogging catches up to this point, we’ll offer a more thorough summation, I promise.

One year - Sat