Firebolt Checks In From J Tree (and tosses some shade)

We are back in Joshua Tree National Park!  It’s been soo long since we have been in Davista.  I’ve missed her sooo much.  But it was hard saying goodbye to all of my friends.  I’m hoping to see some of my friends soon.  I just went on a rock climbing adventure. And I’m probably going to write about it so stay reading the blog.  What we’ve been doing for some time at national parks is jr.ranger badges ( you can do it at national parks. Just ask one of the Rangers in charge and he or she will probably hook you up).  I’ve got more writing to do about my adventures. Bye!

Blog this morning we went on a nature walk. But before we were going on the nature walk we were going to check out our old campsite. But before we even got to our old campsite Woodsprite was “tired” NOT! After a little bit I went back to Woodsprite and gave her a piggie back ride up the hill. Even when I was tired I still pushed forward. It was easy first but having to carry her over and over again it got harder every time. It felt awesome when she was off my back. She walked the least of the whole walk! She was the definition of lazy. But still it was really fun. That’s all for now. Bye Blog!

[Editor’s note: Event in question pictured below…]