Final Map / Some Stats

Here it is! Overnights in red, significant stops in blue.

  • Distance traveled: 25,007 miles
  • Time on the road: 2 years, 15 days (minus 102 days in Winter ’17/’18, which we spent in our Maryland house prior to its sale).
  • States visited: 35.  Missed N Dakota, Iowa, Indiana, W Virginia, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, all of New England, and Hawaii / Alaska.  It was never our goal to hit all 50 (or 48), but we did regret missing the Northeast, as it was a casualty of our unexpectedly late start.
  • National Parks Visited: 20 (of 61)
  • National Park Service Sites Visited: 60+
  • Rivers Floated / Rafted: 5.  Snake, Meramec, Animas, Colorado (twice), Deschutes (twice). Wait, no. Make that 4. Didn’t quite do the Snake…
  • Oceans waded / swum in: 3 (sorta).  Pacific, Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico
  • KOAs : 5
  • Colorado River Crossings: 4
  • Mississippi River Crossings: 3
  • Car breakdowns requiring towing: 2
  • Motorhome breakdowns requiring towing: 1 (though consensus afterwards was that it didn’t really need to be towed)
  • Worst driving weather: Strong, gusty crosswinds with rain in Texas and eastern Colorado
  • Coldest overnight temperature: 26 in Pinnacles National Park
  • Hottest temperature: low 100s in Moab
  • Most difficult road: NF-23 between Randle and Trout River in Washington
  • Most difficult road, runners up: Highway 1 between Leggett and the Pacific Coast in CA, Highway 190 between Stovepipe Wells (Death Valley) and Panamint Springs in CA
  • Highest elevation (in motorhome): 12,183’
  • Lowest elevation: -260’
  • Amusement parks visited: 4 (Cedar Point, Magic Mountain, Disneyland, Legoland)
  • Gallons of gas burned:  I do not want to know
  • Fast food eaten: none, unless Chipotle and Panera count.  Which they might.  Tried to eat at In-N-Out once but the kids wouldn’t let us.  True story.

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