Gone Shootin’

A little while ago my Dad’s friend Scooter (Dad came up with that) took my Dad and me to an indoor shooting range. When we first got there I immediately saw how cool the place was: it had a glass counter with all the rental pistols, a small place to sit down and eat or wait, it even had a small water fountain (not for drinking). But it was sadly packed.  Since 75% of the people in front of us had never fired a firearm, they had to do a bunch of paperwork which meant a longer wait time.

We patiently waited for about 20 minutes to get our lane, during which I talked about some cool stuff and some downright ridiculous stuff from Boy scout summer camp. Once we were assigned lane 8 we all put on noise canceling ear protection that worked on microphones and eye protection. I was excited to walk in, but that shifted from excitement to regret as soon as we stepped foot in the range. The thing is my headphones had run out of battery so they were not blocking any sound and people had ridiculously loud guns like a 12 Gauge shotgun so the sound wasn’t spreading out because we were inside. I thought my inner ear was going to explode because of the sound waves. It was so bad my ears hurt and my organs moved with pretty much every shot taken by everyone in the range. When we realized my headphones weren’t working I got some of the range’s headphones and earplugs, which made the sound was way more tolerable.

The first gun I shot there was a .22 pistol, as I picked it up I was extremely careful (because it’s a gun). I tried 3 different guns that day, A .22 pistol, a 9mm pistol, and an AR ( think it was an AR 15 I don’t know for sure though). I was most excited and nervous about the AR because it was a rifle and not a pistol. I tried the AR a couple times and found out 2 things: first, that the AR smells like burning metal ( I know metal doesn’t burn but if you smelled it you would understand ), second, I actually have better aim with a .22 pistol than an AR with at red dot sight.

Afterwards I was disappointed because of my aim, but  I was happy because it was awesome. I was excited to show my friends a bullet from the AR that I had fired. I wanted to share my experience with my friends and send them pictures, so I did.


The Eclipse

I left with my family and some friends to climb Peaked Mountain. We started at 8250 ft. and hiked for a couple miles to the top. It was surprisingly easy, maybe from 4 years of soccer I don’t know. About 100 ft from the top there was an extremely steep, maybe 30 degrees, I wanted to climb there so our friends and their dog came with me up the steep part and we arrived at the top 10 minutes ahead of everyone else to see a huge mountain range that extended for miles, we also saw the people who took the chairlift on the next mountain over, heh amateurs. The eclipse started slowly and the temperature slowly decreased and the moon slightly took a larger and larger bite of the sun. We waited for an hour and I even pulled out the word bored. But right as the sun went out a shadow raced across the land and sky enveloping us in darkness and the temperature dropping to 40 degrees as a huge, spiked, white ring blazed in the sky as well as some stars and venus. Everyone was freaking out grabbing their cameras and photoing the eclipse as fast as possible. We stood there frozen from the sheer impressiveness of the eclipse as well as it being almost freezing.Then after two minutes of pure darkness the light and warmth of day returned from the darkness. Everyone was saying “Did you see that?” and “That was amazing!” It truly was a once in a lifetime experience being at 10000 ft and seeing the moon swallow the sun and darkness covering us. After the totality everyone packed their bags and started the walk back down. One super hardcore guy was so amazing to have biked up the mountain. We walked down the mountain enjoying the view and taking a couple checks on the sun every now and then. And right as we got down I checked the sun and saw the normal ball of  orange, with eclipse glasses of course.