Who are we?

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Ya hear that? We’re using code names.

While we’re aware that quite possibly everyone who will read this blog knows us personally, we opted to go with “callsigns” rather than our actual names for privacy purposes, and because we wanted to.  Indulge us.

We’re a family of five from either Maryland, Washington state, California, or the Chicago area, depending on how you define “from” and which one of us you ask.  We’re traveling in “Davista,” our 32′ Class A Winnebago, and the parents’ callsigns come from our Navy P-3 background, as we were squadron-mates before we were spouses.  They’re not particularly innovative, but as in a Navy squadron, we reserve the right to earn/assign new callsigns during the trip if the situation warrants.

“Flight” — Dad, airline pilot, mountain biker, kayaker, foodie, balding, curious, bilingual, retired Navy, contemplative, enthusiastic, reasonably well-read

“TACCO” / “TC” — Mom, acupuncturist, budding herbalist, dabbles in the Navy (Reservist), professor, catalyst, baker, healer, knitter, exuberant, visionary, polymath

“Keeper 24” / “Keeper” — Big brother, 11 year old science nut / soccer fan, budding survivalist, thoughtful, creative, restrained, old soul

“Firebolt” — Big sister, 8 year old future president, social butterfly, Harry Potter fan, bookworm, affectionate, confident, ball of feminine kid-energy and personal space invader

“Woodsprite” — Little sister, 5 year old, red-head, comedian, math whiz, avid pretender, determined, sometimes tentative, room charmer

We all love the outdoors, travel, and each other’s company and are hoping we’ll say the same thing after this year.



2 thoughts on “Who are we?

  1. Erika Lamar August 13, 2017 / 12:54 pm

    This is so awesome you guys!!! Love and miss you and I am keeping you in my prayers as you go on your adventures!


  2. Justin Maloney November 3, 2017 / 2:37 am

    I’m so glad I read this entry. I started one later on in the trip and thought the call sign names were your kids’ actual names. Then I was scratching my head, “who’s Tacco?”.

    Now I get it!:)

    Looks like a fantastic adventure!


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