Five Months and a Lot of Change

“How long have you been on the road?” is actually a tricky question to answer.  We started on July 30th of 2017, so by that measure we’re pushing nine months.  But we took the three winter months “off” back in Maryland, so those sort of don’t count.  On the other hand, we weren’t planning to stay on the road all winter to begin with (original plan had us doing a snow/ski month somewhere and maybe a month in Europe), so maybe they do count?  Regardless, we’ve now been BACK on the road for just over a month, and wanted to show our progress.  Anything in green is still just notional, though even more so after Atlanta, as we have reservations up to that point.

The house is still for sale, and we’re over it.  Despite several price reductions and many thousands of dollars (and hours!) in improvements and work, the input we’re getting hasn’t changed much, and we’ve had no reasonable offers.  For those of you who live in truly hot housing markets and who are or have been on the selling side of the equation, consider yourselves fortunate — this is stressful.

On the positive side, we do seem to have a destination now about which we’re all very excited, and we are fully assimilated to life on the road.  It no longer feels like living in the Instant Pot!  Most of the time at least.

4 months and change

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