Phase One Complete — Map

Although we’ve yet to catch up with respect to writing, we’ve reached the end of phase one of our journey, and I wanted to provide an up to date map of where we’ve been since we started at the end of July.  We return to Maryland this week, and intend to base out of there for the Winter while we re-group with respect to the sale of our house and prepare to resume our journey in March.

The home sale has been largely hands-off since we departed, but it’s been a source of well-documented frustration for us, culminating in our final showing a few days ago.  After waves of positive feedback dotted by some neutral comments (but no offers, save for the shady one from the felon), our last showing netted overwhelmingly negative comments from the realtor, informing us that her buyers have zero interest, our house is confusing, too flawed for the price point, and should be completely repainted on the interior, despite the fact that we did that just prior to putting it up for sale.  So… thanks for playing I guess.  Where’s that ‘reset’ button?

At any rate, here’s our map as of the beginning of December.  As you can see, we put the hurt on California this Fall, and two of our three kids have expressed desire to live there, which was unexpected (and probably won’t happen).  The criss-crossing of California wasn’t in the original plan, but turned out to be a stellar way to spend the season.  We’ve stored Davista and Toad in Seal Beach, CA and intend to pick them up, along with the rest of our journey, when we return in March.  In the meantime we’ll post sporadically from Maryland.

4 months mapbox


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